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Rain Forest Loop – Pacific Rim National Park

All photos taken on October 13, 2022.

After handing the E-bikes back to B & K, we wandered Long Beach a bit more, before driving South to the Rain Forest Loop alongside the Pacific Rim Highway. There are 2 of these loops opposite each other. We chose the West one, as that was the side of the highway we were driving on.

If you hike both sides, the total distance is about 1.8 km (1 1/8 miles) and the elevation gain loss is 53 m (174 feet). The side we hiked was about 800 m (1/2 mile), but the elevation gain/loss was still likely the same. There is parking and the trails are pet friendly.

The trail is rated as moderate, but there are a lot of stairs.

The trail in is easy enough…

…but , then you hit the stairs

…and more stairs

Here the trail runs along the top of a fallen tree, complete with handrails

Yet, more stairs. We are still going down at this point and you know what they say….

OK, now we are going back up. Here is where the moderate part comes in

Our hike over, we drove on to meet B & K.


17 responses to “Rain Forest Loop – Pacific Rim National Park”

  1. Questi sentieri però sono attrezzati davvero bene e permettono di immergersi nei boschi in un modo magico! Penso che anche la manutenzione costi molto lavoro, visto che il legno deperisce in fretta, ma ne vale davvero la pena!!

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  2. You are right Elena. Without the boardwalk and steps in the interpretive area, humans would struggle. Wood in a rainforest climate quickly gets reassimilated. Cedar seems to do best, as it has some built in protection. Thanks for reading. Happy Tuesday. Allan


  3. Also this part of the trail is stunning!

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  4. It was nice, for those that could not walk the Big Tree Trail on Meares. Glad we did them both. Happy Tuesday Luisa. Allan


  5. Another lovely hike, Allan, stairs and all! It looks like Canada’s park service is doing a fantastic job.

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  6. It was a nice hike for sure. Parks Canada is slowly updating their National Parks network and it looks like they are working their way East to the Rockies. Thanks for reading. Allan


  7. Definitely West Coast-ish.

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  8. Absolutely Anneli. Thanks for reading. Allan


  9. That hike had its ups and downs. It was a great way to see the rain forest.

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    1. Next time, we will have to take the hike on the inland side of the road and see if it is as steep. Thanks for reading John. Have a great Wednesday. Allan

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  10. You took some beautiful photos of a beautiful trail, but I think my right knee might complain (it can be very iffy these days; sometimes good, sometimes bad but a brace helps a lot) if I climbed all those steps. How did yours hold up?

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  11. Thanks Lynette. My knees were OK, but Patty’s were complaining. They do not like stairs. Trekking poles do help take some of the pressure off. We have to keep moving. Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a great Wednesday. Allan

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  12. This was one of my favourite trails that we hiked when we visited the Pacific Rim National Park. There are definitely a lot of stairs, but the views of the mossy forest with all those giant trees are gorgeous.

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  13. It was accessible to all, unlike Meares Island. Meares Island was the best we saw, but this made a nice interlude stop. So nice to be among the giants. Happy Thursday Linda. Allan


  14. Do you ever get dizzy with so many stairs? I got dizzy once in a state park in California that had too many stairs

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  15. Once in a while, I get a bit of vertigo, but seldom on stairs. I used to get dizzy doing fire drills from my 25th floor office though. 🔥😊


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