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Patricia Lake Shore Walk

All photos taken on September 4, 2022.

After our afternoon break from our expedition, we decided on a short walk out the resort driveway to view Pyramid Mountain and get a different angle on the lake. It was not a long walk, but we still had some energy left.

The water was a beautiful shade of green and the mountain was being lit by the afternoon sun.

To the North, we could now see the smoke from the Chetamon wildfire that we had been so much closer to on our bike ride, or were we closer now?

A lone daisy stood out along the edge of the lake

Recreational watercraft floated by in the distance

The light and ripples created artful patterns on the water

At this point, we spotted the overgrown lakeshore trail and opted to walk it back to the resort, rather than use the road. A large fallen tree made a great viewing platform to take it all in.

Sparkles lit the water

The sunlight caused this open conifer cone to glow orange

As we walked further, the path looked more and more overgrown. Obviously, few people used it these days.

This squirrel let us know that we were in his dining room and then proceeded to chow down.

We noticed a build up of clouds, as we walked further.

At long last, we reached the dock and looked back to see the wildfire smoke billowing up.

Smoke coupled with increasing clouds was making the views duller by the moment.

Time to head back to the bungalow.


18 responses to “Patricia Lake Shore Walk”

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  2. Your images are always wonderful, and when you catch the thousand reflections of the water they send me into raptures

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  3. I am always enthralled by the ripples and reflections. They create beautiful art to be sure. Thanks for reading and your kind comments Luisa. Allan


  4. I didn’t know that there was a walkway around that lake. How far is it?

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    1. The portion we were on is not one of the marked day hiking local trails. It goes from Pyramid Lake Road to PLR, about .75 km and then continues another .9 km almost to the end of the lake as Trail 6, where it swings away from the lake. It then continues alongside Cottonwood Slough for a couple more km. This whole area has a bunch of trails. The .9 of Trail 6 is also used as a horse trail and is very tough to walk on due to hill and valley effect. Thanks for reading Glen. Allan

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  5. It was startlingly clear Anneli, especially when the sun is shining. Thanks for reading. Allan


  6. The scenery by the lake is breathtaking and the water looks so crystal clear in these close up shots. Thank you for sharing, Allan!

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  7. This is just one little lake. There are so many others in the area, but this is our favourite. The water is incredibly clear in these mountain lakes. Thanks for reading and commenting Blanca. Allan


  8. Just a stunning place to visit. 🦋🤗

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  9. Such beautiful photos, Allan. Jasper is so gorgeous and you capture it so well.

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    1. Thanks Lynette. It is a gem and each time we go, we still see new things. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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  10. Gorgeous views of the lake. I love how the sun really brings out the colour of the water.

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  11. We always like to go look at the lake in the afternoon sun. You never know what colours it will bring out, greens in the water, yellows in the aspens and reds in Pyramid Mountain. Two years ago, I captured the perfect photo of all those colours and I am looking at it on my wall right now. Thanks for reading Linda. Allan


  12. I can’t get over how clear the water was!! Your photos do a great job of capturing nature’s beauty!

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  13. Thanks Ann. The clear water really comes to life with the afternoon sun. We were lucky to see it come to life that day. Thanks for reading. Allan


  14. Love the closeup water patterns. Sad to see the smoke clouds coming. Often a problem here in the Colorado Rockies as well.

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  15. Hi Ruth. The wildfire smoke is usually around in summer. It is just not usually that close. Thanks for reading. Allan


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