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Expedition Part 4 – 6th Bridge to PLR

All photos taken September 4, 2022.

Our rest break over, we headed out from 6th Bridge on the final leg of our expedition. The wide paved road was a relief from the rocky trails we had just ridden.

But, our relief was short lived, as we branched off onto the more scenic trail back to Jasper.

Pyramid Mountain seemed so close, but we knew we had a long way to ride to get back there. Ravens gathered for hastily called meetings on the sandy Athabasca River islands.

The trail got more rugged and hilly as we got closer to the Maligne Lake Road.

Now in view of Highway 16 across the river, we watched a cyclist passing regular traffic. We would rather be riding where we were.

At the bridge, we could hear an air horn honking. This reefer truck was trying to tell oncoming traffic to pause so he could cross the narrow bridge.

Flat trails ahead through grass and trees…

…soon brought us to the road into Jasper. A group of mountain bikers came charging toward us, somehow confident that us old geezers would just get out of their way. Strangely enough, they were right.

Jasper town streets were still fairly quiet.

We climbed up Pyramid Lake Road past all the familiar landmarks. From time to time, we pulled off to allow vehicle traffic to pass.

At long last back home in time for Wine O’clock, we took stock of our journey. All told, our expedition had taken us 38.7 km (24 miles) and 4 hours and 15 minutes. Time for a break from the saddle.


11 responses to “Expedition Part 4 – 6th Bridge to PLR”

  1. You are right, also this trail was really scenic! 🌹⛰️

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  2. Thanks for riding along with us Luisa. Allan


  3. Interesting. Can you let me know what a reefer truck is please? Perhaps you mean articulated? Also, how long does it take to recharge the bike batteries and can you use an ordinary plug socket?


  4. Hi Marion. All good questions. A “reefer” truck is the local American/Canadian jargon for for a refrigerated truck or lorry, if you wish. It is used to haul fresh produce and all manner of perishable foods to stores and restaurants. Our semi truck is the equivalent of your articulated lorry. A “B train” is a semi with two trailers. A “C train” is a semi with 3 trailers. I find language and local jargon fascinating all around the world. For instance in NZ, one company referred to their tow truck (breakdown truck) as a “Car Parking Reeducation Unit”, because they towed violators vehicles away if illegally parked. Recharges to full power take 4-5 hours and the charger plugs straight into our 120 V convenience outlet, I would imagine they would also make chargers for the voltage/cycles/amperage of other countries as well. Thanks for reading and all your questions. Allan 😁🤗

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  5. What a beautiful ride you had! I would feel very virtuous after that great ride and would unabashedly be looking forward to wine o’clock.

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  6. Wine o’clock and afternoon coffee are such guilty pleasures of retirement life. Another perk of the promotion. Thanks for reading Lynette. Happy Thursday. Allan


  7. I’d say that break and glass of wine were well deserved!

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  8. Thanks Linda. It was so nice to have a set of Adirondacks to sit back in and enjoy the mountain views. Thanks for reading. Allan


  9. Nice post my friend I just love all the photos. Your wife looks sweet on her bike. I bet you two have fun doing that plus all the great exercise. Blessings to you both. 🦋

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  10. Thanks Joni. It was a great excursion and we got these bikes at just the right time, while we can still enjoy them. We did a lot of biking and hiking this year. hanks for reading. Hugs to you both. Allan 🤗🤗


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