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Off to a Good Start

All photos taken on September 4, 2022.

After the smoky day yesterday, we were worried we may be bathed in smoke again today. But, it was not so bad. As the day warmed, the haze lifted and blue skies appeared. This was going to be a good day…or so we thought….

Our home away from home

Cones ready for the squirrels

Lingering haze

Morning by the lake

clearing skies

The three amigos

You talkin’ to me?

Blue skies appear

Sun on Pyramid Mountain


19 responses to “Off to a Good Start”

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  2. You never miss anything. I love that house too. What a beautiful area. Big hugs

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    1. Good morning Joni. There are plenty of photo opportunities around the area. We were lucky to be staying in the bungalows for almost a week. Thanks for reading. Hope all is well. Allan


  3. I really enjoyed our morning by the lake
    PS The squirrel was so cute 🐿️

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  4. Thanks for joining us (me and the squirrel) Luisa. Happy Wednesday. Allan


  5. Your photos are great (despite the smoke) but the squirrel photo is fantastic!

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    1. Thanks Lynette. I think Nutty McSquirrel just wanted me to go away. Hope all is well with you. Allan

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  6. Beautiful photos! I love the ducks and the squirrel! ❤

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    1. Thanks Beth. It is always nice to see the wildlife out and about in the wild. Allan


  7. Nice pics, Allan, especially the house and the squirrel.

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  8. Thanks Anneli. That squirrel was not happy with me sticking around his territory. Allan


  9. I would say it’s an excellent start!

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    1. Absolutely. And from there, the day just got better and better, until…..Thanks for reading. Allan

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  10. Beautiful photos, Allan. The shot of the mountains through the trees is gorgeous, but I must admit my heart was won over by Mr. Squirrel. All the best, Terri

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    1. Thanks Terri. I am with you on the mountain shots, but Nutty McSquirrel got a lot of votes too. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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  11. The wildlife look like they’re enjoying the nice sunny day too. Way to leave us with a cliffhanger!

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  12. I think everyone was happy to see clearer air. Still, there were far fewer water birds and less wildlife around than usual. No better place for a cliffhanger than in the mountains. Thanks for reading Linda. Allan


  13. The views looked quite pretty that day! And I loved your cabin too.

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  14. Hard to find a bad view here, even in iffy weather. We really enjoy our time here. Thanks for reading Ann. Hope your Saturday is going well. Allan


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