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Outside our Comfort Zone

All photos taken September 3, 2022.

Seeing the mountain bikers ride through the resort yesterday gave us the idea to try the same trail. Turns out, trail 6d at this point is called Water Tower. Sounds harmless enough, but we would see….

Still looks pretty safe

Then we found out why all the Adrenalin Junkies liked it so much. We pushed the bikes up to the top of the rocky hill and looking at the route down, opted to turn back. It was definitely outside our comfort zone.

This is our “We made it” photo, but, did we? really?

Heading back down

Safety is in sight. We were not ready to stop riding yet, so rode through PLR and turned onto Pyramid Lake Road. We were determined to get to Cottonwood Slough.

The route there was much smoother than where we had just come from and also downhill, at least one way. From time to time, we pulled over to let the vehicle traffic pass

At Cottonwood Slough

Heading for home. It was at this point, we knew our plan for tomorrow was possible. All in all, we had only ridden 5.4 km.


11 responses to “Outside our Comfort Zone”

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  2. A little hard today. I was happy to return safely, together with you😉

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  3. We are nothing, if not cautious. Thanks for riding along Luisa. Allan


  4. I’m hitting more of those moments as I get older, too. There’s a “nope, that one isn’t for me” moment for all of us, I think. 😉

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    1. Being smart is the way to go. Better to be called a chicken than become a dead duck. Thanks for reading Lynette. Allan

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  5. Some of those trails might be easier with a full suspension electric assist bike. However at some point the question has to be asked, when does an electric assist bike become a motorcycle (which are not allowed on the trails)? Of course you’re not there yet but as electric assist bikes get more powerful the day must come when the difference between them and motorcycles becomes blurred. That’s a problem for another day. I’m glad to hear that these new bikes can handle the rougher roads. Rest assured that the abilities of my mountain bike far exceed my own.

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  6. Municipalities are having these discussions right now and Vancouver is leading the discussion. As to banning ped-elecs, I would hope they will set reasonable rules, rather than an outright ban. Our bikes in our hands are ridden cautiously and with consideration for nature and others. I do not believe that is always the case with others, whether on E-bikes or manual mountain bikes. There is a lot of destruction that goes on to the Edmonton river valley, by some riding regular mountain bikes. It is always good to respect one’s own abilities, particularly as we become “more mature” (read older). Thanks for reading Glen and for your thoughts. Allan


  7. I think you would have needed a e-fat bike for those Ricky sections Allan. I wouldn’t have risked it on normal tyres.


  8. Our E-bikes have Fat tires (4″) and would likely have done fine. Still would not risk my body riding that trail. That falls under the “Just because you can, does not mean you should credo. Thanks for reading Marion. Allan


  9. It’s always good to know your limits. At least you were able to turn around and go back the way you came.

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  10. Agreed. The best part was there were no witnesses, until I posted about it. This turned out to be a good trail to hike and as we hiked it the next day, we could see why the mountain bikers liked it so much. Thanks for reading Linda. Allan


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