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Smoking or Non?

All photos taken on September 3, 2022.

The morning looked different when I looked outside today. There was an orange haze over everything. Seems like our nearby wildfire was starting to affect local air quality.

It did make for some interesting photos, but….we would rather have had no fire and clear skies.

Red sky at morning – and a wildfire warning!

Pyramid was not quite so pretty today

hazy view

taking a long walk off a short pier

sun trying to break through

Something fishy about this lake

my artsy shots

the sun looks angry

11 responses to “Smoking or Non?”

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  2. The “artsy” reflection shots are great. I do hope the fires are not too close to you.

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    1. Thanks Ruth. The fire was about 15 k away from us when we were in Jasper on that weekend. Fortunately, it never really threatened the town or the area we were in. Thanks for reading. Allan

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  3. I really like your artsy shots!

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  4. Thanks Anneli and thank you for reading. Allan


  5. We certainly had a lot of wild fires this summer. I hope that one didn’t last long.
    I like your “artsy” shots!

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  6. I know it was still burning in the back country near the end of October. Hopefully winter will put it out. Thanks for your comment on the artsy shots. Jasper always provides lots of subject matter. Thanks for reading Lynette. Allan

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  7. Agreed, the smoke does make for some interesting (and beautiful) photo opportunities, but I’d rather be breathing in fresh air. Hopefully it wasn’t this smoky or hazy for the rest of your time in Jasper.

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  8. I would rather have the clear air than smoke. It did come and go throughout the rest of our stay, but we made the best of it. However, smoke was not the only problem we encountered. Thanks for reading Linda. Happy Friday. Allan


  9. Wildfires are so scary! Their destruction is horrible, and the are also unpredictable . I’m always amazed at how far away you can see or smell the smoke. Glad you were okay!!

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  10. Agreed. We have driven past many in our history and seen both smoke and flames. Often, we get smoke in our area that comes from fires in Washington and Oregon, more than 1,000 km away. This fire was only about 15 km away from where we were, so there was some genuine concern. Thanks for reading Ann. Have a great weekend. Allan


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