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That’s Entertainment

All photos taken on September 2, 2022.

Another evening, another trip down to the lake….

That’s Entertainment Β©

Lake shore evening,

better than cable TV.

That’s entertainment.

A Moose-ive inflatable boat

lake glimpse

Tidy bungalow


Remember that smoke plume we saw on our way into Jasper. Turns out it was a wild fire started by a lightning strike….and it was growing.

Blue Darner dragonfly

watching the glow

Smoky sundown hillsides. We called this mountain formation “the Lady”. Can anyone else see why?


13 responses to “That’s Entertainment”

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  2. Your photos where you manage to capture the reflections on the water so beautifully are breathtaking πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

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  3. Thanks Luisa. I do love playing with reflections and shimmers. Thanks for reading Allan.


  4. Yes, I see why you call the mountain formation β€œthe lady.” I like the moose inflatable! Such a beautiful spot, Allan.

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    1. I loved the inflatable “Shore Lake Moose” (sort of like Loch Ness Monster, but only in a positive way!) photo, that’s the type of joy we should experience every day! Thank you for sharing it!

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      1. The Loch Ness Moosenster. I like that. It was definitely a smile moment. Thanks for reading. Allan


  5. I think PLB needs to offer the moose inflatable for rent along with kayaks and row boats. Thanks for reading Lynette. Allan

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  6. Is that the bungalow you stayed in as it looks so pretty Allan.

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  7. Hi Marion. We were in a different one this time, slightly bigger and with a dishwasher We have stayed in these ones before and they are also very nice. Thanks for reading. Allan


  8. A lake, a sunset, a cute bungalow and goofy neighbors in a wacky inflatable moose — what more could one ask for? πŸ˜„ Cheers Allan!

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    1. It does not get much more Canadian than that. Thanks for reading John. Happy Thanksgiving to you, my friend. Allan


  9. Lovely captures of the scenery with the setting sun. That’s quite the interesting mode of transportation with that giant moose inflatable! Entertainment indeed.

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  10. Thanks Linda. Not sure I would want to shoot the rapids on that moose, but it looked like a peaceful float on the lake. Thanks for reading. Allan


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